My Professional View/Opinion

In the medical terms, the word Cosmetic Surgery is very commonly misunderstood by many people, students as well as surgeons. Infact plastic surgery is one of the most visible changes that can happen to someone in different parts of the body or of people with different skin ages. However most plastic surgery experts are professional in soft tissue replacement and some of them are expertise in bone replacement also. Well, skins with damaged cells or burns can always be replaced with the help of plastic surgeons indeed. If you are unaware of all of this, then it is the time for you to know the life of a Cosmetic Surgeon.

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Unglamorous training

Everyone think it to be cool and fun enough for the people to be influenced into a cosmetic surgery but what it takes for a training is not at all cool indeed. For a plastic surgeon, it takes almost 10 years of training and surgery practices to get the operations under a grip.

Lacking Movie Stars

One of the things which will leave you unsatisfied is the implementation of plastic surgeries on different celebrities. You may find celebrities doing plastic surgery in time to time but the lack of movie stars is common everywhere in the planet.

Less leaves

Working leaves are something which is necessary for everyone but the demand of plastic surgeons is very less indeed. This is a reason why the leaves for the days that will be countable are less than that of the other surgeons. So if you wish to be a cosmetic surgeon, you are going to get less leaves for the year.


Freelancing in the field of medical science is always a big challenge to ask for. But as compared to the other fields of medical surgery, the freelancers of cosmetic operations have major records of success. However, there are a lot of risks involved in this field of freelancing.

Lack of regular patients

One of the toughest things that you would not like to face is the challenges of regular patients. People do offer for plastic surgery only once in a life. However, some people do offer it once or twice but it is there are indeed lacks of regular patients all over the globe.

Surgery time is less

One of the key things that you need to take care is of convincing the patient on how to do the surgery. Of course you may require software for that and it may also get you involved with a lot of discussion with the patient. Thus the time that you spend with the patient is longer than the surgery and the recovery of it.

Count on your skills

To be successful you need to have a lot of skills in counting what would be the best for the patient. Also you need to understand what the patient wants and how will it treat on them. Thus you have to make out a combination out of the two and get started with the help of the surgery.

Point of view for patients

At major times of the surgery you may fail to deliver what the patient had wanted from you. Even then they will be taking your profession to the level of slangs but you need to learn from your mistakes. Never do take any word professionally but personally which will make you better.

Many people do not believe your role

The role being a cosmetic surgeon is not just a professional. Cosmetic surgery involves a lot of practice but apart from this you need to make them understand that you are here to help them out and not to give them a professional hand.

Fix Mistakes

Just as the way you can do some mistakes in cosmetic surgery, you can also get over with someone’s mistakes too. You need to change and get them fixed some times as well when you are in the quest of changing them. All you have to do is fix them and get the best out of you.

Troubles for women

Other than gynecologists, people do make it hard to believe that women can be professional surgeons too. Well, sometime you may face this problem but opting for a female patient will make this whole process go easier for you.